Thursday, October 10, 2013

Small Changes – Big Differences

Recently, Sue wanted to study how bead choices affect a design.  She observed how changes in the transparency of the beads and using matte or shiny finishes contribute to the effect of a design.

Sue picked one of her favorite patterns – the Tapestry Bracelet (click here to buy the pattern).  The results are pretty interesting.

  • All three bracelets are in the same general color family of teal-blue-green, with varying accents colors.
  • The center rondelles in all three bracelets have shiny, faceted surfaces.

Bracelet #1
  • Medium color contrast; mix of matte and shiny
  • Fire polish – Matte transparent
  • Seed beads
    • 11° – Matte half-covered transparent (Apollo finish)
    • 8° – Matte opaque

Bracelet #2
  • High color contrast; all shiny surfaces
  • Fire polish – Transparent (shiny)
  • Seed beads
    • 11° – Bronze-lined crystal, very shiny
    • 8° – Color-lined shiny

Bracelet #3
  • Medium color contrast; matte or low-gloss surfaces
  • Lentil shaped beads replace the fire polish used in the other two bracelets, eliminating the outer loop of beads.

By making a few small changes, Sue created big differences in the final piece of jewelry.  Consider what small changes you can make in your current project and how it can affect the total outcome.