Friday, May 31, 2013

Hey, SuperDuo Fans!

Normally, we do not release new patterns until after the class has gone. However, there have been so many of you that have begged and pleaded for the Bridger Mountain pattern, that we changed our mind. If you love this beautiful, wide cuff, know that the pattern is now available on etsy. Thanks and happy beading!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Etsy Shop Just Opened

We are happy to announce our new etsy shop!  After being in business for eight years, we have too many samples of jewelry.  Who knew that was even possible?


At our new shop ( we will be selling finished jewelry and other goodies.  Take a peek!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's All About the Layers

According to InStyle Magazine, one of the biggest trends for this summer is layers and layers of bracelets.  Some of you have always rocked this look.  For the rest of you, try it!  It’s a fun way of showing off all of your hard work and talent.

One trend in layered bracelets, is to wrap things to a chain.  Here I used 7” of rolo chain, 8” of crystal chain, and 5 feet of waxed cotton.  For a pop of color use the nylon, Superlon cord that we have in stock, rather than the cotton.

With rolo chain, the links are in two definite directions – they alternate between up and down, left and right.  To make this bracelet:  Leave a 3” tail of your cording (to knot later), and come UP through the second link in the rolo chain.  Wrap AROUND the crystal chain and go THROUGH the next link of the rolo.  Come UP through the next link of the rolo chain…. Continue until the desired length is reached.  Knot the cord.  Leave the last link of the rolo chain open.  Attach your clasp to that last link. 

 I know that these are super-fast instructions, so come in to see me and we can go over it better.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Let’s get the buzz started!

Every Spring, we see a trend…  After the cold winter, people stroll up and down our sidewalks, enjoying the warm spring sunshine.  We always get about a dozen new people who wander in and say, “I never knew you were here!”

We want your help starting the buzz and spreading the word about Stony Creek Bead.  Here’s what we want you to do…

Write A Favorable Review Of Us Online (Yelp, Google, Etc), Print It Out, Bring It In and Receive $5 Off Your Next Purchase Of $25 Or More.  (Excludes commission items.  One per person.  Offer expires 6/2/13)

Thanks for helping!  Jenn

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beautiful Clasps Make a Difference

By adding a unique clasp to your jewelry, it will turn a good design into a piece of art.  Lucky for you – Stony Creek Bead just got in a big shipment of decorative clasps.  Here are just a few for you to play with …

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Do You Have Skills?

At Stony Creek Bead, we are firm believers in learning basic techniques, and learning them well.  Once you have those skills to build on, you can have fun creating beautiful art. 

We have two technique classes coming up that we believe everyone should take.  If you have not taken a basic stringing class nor a wrapped loop (earring) class, call to sign up.  We limit the space to eight people, so call soon.  734.544.0904

Basic Stringing         
Thursday, May 23     6-8 PM            $30
You don’t have to spend time “reinventing the wheel.”  We can teach you all you need to know to be successful – jewelry design, how to make your pieces fit, and the best way to finish the clasp combination.

Earrings & More      
Tuesday, May 28       6-8 PM            $30
Everyone who makes any sort of bead jewelry needs to know how to make an excellent Wrapped  Loop.   No excuses!  Earrings, pendants, joining clasps, multiple strands all use this vital technique. 

New Contest!

BeadStyle Magazine has a new contest for you!  October, 2013, is “Visit Your Local Bead Store” month.  To celebrate, the October issue is going to be filled with designs that you have created, and we (the stores) have submitted. 

If you are not familiar with BeadStyle, be sure to look at a copy.  Most of their designs are basic stringing, wrapped loop, simple sewing, etc.  Remember – simple techniques, plus luxurious materials, makes an incredible piece of art.

We, Stony Creek Bead, need a high resolution picture of your design by July 1st.  Be sure to include your name.

We will send the pictures and information to BeadStyle.  BeadStyle will have them posted on their site from July 12-21.  During that time, be sure to have all of your family & friends vote for your design.  The top three designs will be featured in the October issue of BeadStyle.  How cool is that?

E-mail your pictures to
Visit BeadStyle at: