Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's All About the Layers

According to InStyle Magazine, one of the biggest trends for this summer is layers and layers of bracelets.  Some of you have always rocked this look.  For the rest of you, try it!  It’s a fun way of showing off all of your hard work and talent.

One trend in layered bracelets, is to wrap things to a chain.  Here I used 7” of rolo chain, 8” of crystal chain, and 5 feet of waxed cotton.  For a pop of color use the nylon, Superlon cord that we have in stock, rather than the cotton.

With rolo chain, the links are in two definite directions – they alternate between up and down, left and right.  To make this bracelet:  Leave a 3” tail of your cording (to knot later), and come UP through the second link in the rolo chain.  Wrap AROUND the crystal chain and go THROUGH the next link of the rolo.  Come UP through the next link of the rolo chain…. Continue until the desired length is reached.  Knot the cord.  Leave the last link of the rolo chain open.  Attach your clasp to that last link. 

 I know that these are super-fast instructions, so come in to see me and we can go over it better.