Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Contest!

BeadStyle Magazine has a new contest for you!  October, 2013, is “Visit Your Local Bead Store” month.  To celebrate, the October issue is going to be filled with designs that you have created, and we (the stores) have submitted. 

If you are not familiar with BeadStyle, be sure to look at a copy.  Most of their designs are basic stringing, wrapped loop, simple sewing, etc.  Remember – simple techniques, plus luxurious materials, makes an incredible piece of art.

We, Stony Creek Bead, need a high resolution picture of your design by July 1st.  Be sure to include your name.

We will send the pictures and information to BeadStyle.  BeadStyle will have them posted on their site from July 12-21.  During that time, be sure to have all of your family & friends vote for your design.  The top three designs will be featured in the October issue of BeadStyle.  How cool is that?

E-mail your pictures to
Visit BeadStyle at: