Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bead Collections Are Now Available!

Many of you have asked us to bring back our Bead Collections.  We listened – and they are now ready for you.  There are twelve colors to start with and we will add more as time goes on.  The Collections are available in our store or on our Esty site.  (

How are these amazing collections created?
We start with an inspiration – a picture, a memory, a feeling – often found in our “Inspiration Journals” (if you don’t have one of your own, you should!)  We then gather beads in all sizes and shapes that represent that inspiration.  The beads are divided and layered into the tubes, and priced accordingly.

Within each Collection, the tubes’ content may vary slightly, but they are all hand-packed to the top.  Beads are not just for jewelry – you can use them to create all kinds of wonderful things.

The Collections are economical to use when you want a variety of beads instead of buying whole strands and tubes of just one style of bead.  Use these beads for any free-form beading, fringe, embroidery, crochet, & more.