Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Embroidery, Anyone? It’s no secret that we LOVE embroidery here at Stony Creek Bead. We just got in two new books to fuel that passion.


Bead Embroidery Jewelry Projects by Jamie Could Eakin is filled with so much good information!  Not only does she give you projects to do, but she writes about how to make things fit, how to layout designs, how to use beads in your stash (and make them work), how to… well, you get the idea.  There is just a LOT of information in this book.


Soutache & Bead Embroidery by Amee Sweet-McNamara is a great book on the newest trend in embroidery – Soutache.  Not familiar with Soutache?  Traditionally it is used in high-end clothing -you know that little strip in you wool coat where the wool meets the lining?  That’s soutache.  Amee takes this small, flat cording to a whole new art form.  Flip through her book and you will see what we mean.