Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Elements Pottery Art Bead Show

Elements Pottery          
Saturday, June 21        10-4
Duane is a raku artist, specializing in small scale work.  A variety of beads, pendants, cabochons, buttons,
and other components combined with a variety of color, texture, surface finish, and special effects create a wide palette of design elements for jewelry designers,.  Unique creations, attention to detail, and fabulous colors are his trademark.  He resides in Michigan and has been a ceramic artist for 35 years.

We have had Duane Collins’ amazing Raku beads and pendants in our shop for a couple of years. Many of you are familiar with his art, now come meet the man in person. He recently told us that he is working on some new designs that will premiere at this show. Come early to see – and buy – all the new stuff!